Preparing your Roof for Storms

Feb 14, 2018

Costal Texas is grade-A certified hurricane country. From tropical storms to full out hurricane force winds, they see it all. And residents of the Texas interior aren’t off the hook either. Spring brings with it an onslaught of high winds, torrential rains, and hail storms like no other.

Damages (roofing or otherwise) from storms are no laughing matter, and while no one can control Mother Nature in all her fury, there are some steps you can take to protect your home, roof and family.

Preparing for the Storm

You don’t always get much notice, but when you do, storm preparation can mean the difference between thousands in damages and escaping without so much as a scratch.

Preparing for storms is something all Texans should be accustomed to, and something that we, as professional roofer, can’t recommend highly enough.

Continue on to read more about the steps you can take…

First, why Roofs Fail in High Winds

High winds press up, down and sideways on your home and roof with extreme force. Pressure exerted against inside walls and under roofing causes suction that can separate roofing material from your home’s structure.

When this happens, it is not uncommon for walls to collapse inward (or outward).

Properly Secure Shingles and Tiles

There’s no guarantee that your shingles or tiles will make it thru the next windstorm, but new shingles typically manage much better than old or worn ones. Over time, dried, cracked or errored adhesive becomes less efficient at securing your roof, resulting in failures that allow shingles or tiles to be pulled off and pushed around by high force winds. Debris, moisture, cold weather or other previous damages can also weaken the bond between your shingles and roof.

If you know a storm is on the horizon, now might be a good time for an emergency inspection to shore up any weakened areas and glue down any loose tiles or shingles.

Hurricane Fasteners & Straps

Metal fasteners designed specifically to brace and re-enforce the roof to the walls of the home are a solid addition to hurricane prone territories and provide a great way to prepare for storms ahead of time. These can be installed any time of the year and can be attached to masonry or wood exterior anchor points.

Hurricane straps can also provide extra protection and can be installed by your local roofing professionals to add another layer of storm preparation and safety. These strips of metal can be bolted or screwed into studs or masonry and wrapped around trusses.

Preparing for Storms – other measures you can take

  • Prepare an emergency kit ahead of time (flashlights, water, dry food, batteries, radio, etc.)
  • Make a family communication plan so everyone knows how to find each other
  • Understand the elevation of your home and land to prepare for areas that might flood
  • Identify any levees or damns in your area that might be a potential hazard
  • Learn about any community evacuation plans
    Cover your home’s windows with storm shutters or thick plywood
  • Trim hedges and trees around your home and remove any dead or dying limbs
  • Clear and clogged gutters or downspouts
    Reinforce garage doors
  • Bring all outdoor decorations, garbage cans, grills and furniture inside your garage or fasten them down tight.
  • Look into installing a generator

We hope you never have to experience a severe storm or hurricane, but chances are, in Texas you might. Taking some of the aforementioned steps can greatly reduce damages and help keep your family safe and secure. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you prepare for storms.