Texas Roof Material

If you’re a homeowner in the market for a new roof in Texas, there are a potentially alarming number of different roofing materials you can choose from (we humans are a creative bunch, that’s for certain). From low to high cost, asphalt, metal, to tile, there are a number of things to consider when purchasing a roof.

In addition to needing to be weatherproof, durable, cost efficient, fire resistant, and weather resistant, Texas roofing material needs to take into special consideration heat.

A variety of roofing materials and shapes are available if you are trying to beat the heat. Metal reflects, concrete and clay fight back by being resistant to heating up and S shapes increase air circulation to prevent heat buildup.

Durable, Heat and Weather Resistant Materials

Metal roofs

Known for reflecting sunlight, making them potentially good choices for getting through the summer months. Expensive compared to asphalt and inexpensive compared to tile, metal roofing costs are coming down due to increases in consumer demand.


Low cost, but heavy, this roof type is naturally heat resistant. Slow to heat up and quick to cool, it also has the added benefit of inclement weather resistance (it’s heavy!) Concrete owes its heat resistance to being a porous material.


Clay tiles are baked to hardness, can be moulded into air circulating shapes, and their color are natural sun shields. A popular choice in Texas for roofing a home without air conditioning, this roofing material comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Clay roofing tends not to fade over time.


Making its way to America in the 17th century, slate tiles have a natural grey color and last quite some time. This material is a bit on the pricier side, but the natural beauty and longevity (lasting up to 100 years) make up for that. Slate roofs can also add considerably to the resale value of your home.

Shapes Which Help

S Tiles

This roofing material gets its name from its shape rather than the specific material it is made of. This material sits on your roof and, according to recent studies coming out of Florida, these roofs come in the shape of an S and allows for better circulation of air as a result. Consider painting your roof white as doing so will assist in reflecting sunlight.

Which colors should I choose?

Dark materials absorb heat while light materials reflect. The closer to white you choose, the better off you are at lowering your cooling bill.

Low cost considerations

Asphalt & Composite shingle

Three tab or dynamic, asphalt shingles are by far the most common roofing type used in Texas – quite possibly due to their low cost. In addition to their versatility coming in a variety of shapes & sizes, these tiles are also relatively easy to repair. Every roofing company will know how to install this type of roof.

Rolled roofing

Ideal for roofs with low slopes and where you aren’t concerned about aesthetics, this roof type is fast and dirt cheap to install