Specialty Roof System

Many buildings require a unique type of roofing system. A local expert in roofing can recommend the best commercial or specialty roofing system for your needs. Whether you have a flat, steep or low roof, there is a unique product available for your building. When it is installed by an experienced service professional, it will bring protection and value to your building for years.

Specialty roofing can mean different things. For a roof that is sloped or flat, a specialty roof would be comprised of materials that would fit and protect these just as securely as regular asphalt shingles would protect an average single-family house.

It can also mean green roofing or metal roofing. Green roofing is an area of the industry where traditional gravel, black tar or asphalt surfaces are traded in for spaces of greenery. These vegetative areas last longer than traditional roofs, they absorb stormwater, cut down on heating and cooling costs and offer additional insulation for about a fraction of the cost of regular roofing materials.

These are becoming more common in urban areas. Many tall buildings have the problem of becoming much hotter, faster because of being closer to the sun’s rays. This problem can be fought off with beautiful, green roofing materials. These roofs also make great areas for residents or office employees to retreat to for a pleasant break outdoors. The main purpose of these specialty products is to help conserve energy and help the environment.

Other types of specialty roofs are metal products. These are inexpensive, rust-proof and easy to adapt to just about any shape or size of building imaginable. They can be obtained in different colors, so they can add as much of an aesthetic touch as the green roofs can. They can be shaped into arches or ovals, allowing for different designs to be part of even the most architecturally intricate building.

There are different metals available for different purposes and budgets. Consult with a specialty roofer to find out what metal is right for your building. These economical, adaptable roofing materials are excellent for buildings of any type and for any purpose. They have been installed on churches and university buildings.

Look to your local specialty roofing contractor for more information on all the different types of special products available. You will find that there are many more than you may have anticipated. For a business or a retail outfit, creating unique, appealing and environmentally sound roofing can be a huge boost to business.

Best of all, these types of materials can be made to fit any shape or slope of a roof. They are safe, durable and will be installed with the highest degree of precision needed.

Get in touch with specialty contractors now to start working with a dedicated team of technicians with the experience needed to design a roof perfect for your building and your company budget. They will be able to create and install a roof unlike any other to protect and beautify your commercial building.

Some of the specialty roofs we do are:


Monier life tile Roofing Company
Monier life tile

DECRA Roofing System

decra tile roof

ArrowLine Steel Shingles

arrow line steel shingles

Ludowici Clay Tile

ludowici roof tile

Standing Seam Metal Roof

standing seam
standing seam2