Seamless Gutters

Seamless Gutters

There is no denying that gutter systems play an important role in keeping our houses and business premises free of excessive water. Keeping your house’s environs free of excessive rainwater is important for many reasons. Chief among these reasons is to keep your foundation safe.

As water infiltrates and accumulates around a building, there is a tendency of the soil compaction occurring as a consequence. This resulting compaction may cause the foundation of the building to sink over time. Additionally, there is always the risk of rainwater flooding your basement when it is not properly collected and drained away. A properly working gutter system negates the risk of these and much more from occurring.

This is where seamless gutter systems come in. This system is designed to be inherently superior to regular gutters, thus offering superior performances and better results in as far collecting and draining water away from your house. Herein we are going to explore what this system is, how they are made, and crucially, the performance benefits that they offer over regular gutters.

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What Are They?
As the name would suggest, seamless gutter systems are designed and made not to have any seams along the structure of the gutters, as is common with the traditional gutters systems. In this regard, sections of the systems are manufactured from one complete piece of material. As such, the entire system does not have the leaky seams in the middle of the gutter sections.
How Are They Made And Installed?
In as far manufacturing is concerned, they are manufactured from a variety of materials. These include aluminum, vinyl, and even galvanized steel. The material you choose depends on the longevity you require your gutters to have as well as your budget. Typically seamless vinyl gutter systems tend to be cost-effective while galvanized steel gutters tend to cost much more. However, galvanized steel also tend to outlast any other gutter system in the market as it tends to be more resistant to strong winds, snow, and even excessive rainwater.

As for their installation, these systems are usually held securely by screwed hangers and or rivets. It all depends on the system you are installing, the installing contractor range of products (hanging products, that is), and your budget.

Nonetheless, the best option for property owners is to opt for gutter systems that are custom designed to fit perfectly with the existing structure. A fitting gutter system makes for a secure system that is inherently resistant to damage by wind, snow, and rainfall.

What Benefits Do They Offer Homeowners?

An obvious benefit of having seamless gutter systems installed in your house is a reduced risk of leaking gutters. Seams tend to weaken over time and thus they eventually leak, necessitating unwarranted repairs.

Another benefit that homeowners attain from seamless gutters is a less apparent gutter system, and therefore, a more appealing building exterior. Typically seamless gutters are designed to fit like a glove to the fascia and soffits of your house. The exact fit of such gutters ensures that the gutters are less apparent, which improves the aesthetics of your house.