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Roof Repair in Texas

Your roof represents a major investment in the safety, comfort and protection of your home or office. And if you think you might have roof issues, you’ll want

With the average price of a new roof running around $8,000-$15,000 you’ll want to make certain that a simple roof repair job can’t do the trick.

Things to consider include aspects of your roof like its age, structure, issues you’re experiencing, signs of damage, extent of damages, and more. An experienced roof repair company can help you properly inspect the premises and determine the best route of action to take given your circumstance, budget and goals.

As compared to the cost of replacing a roof, the national average cost for roof repair is around $770 with a common range of $340 – $1230 depending on the problem that needs to be addressed.

Due to the high costs of a new roof, bi-annual inspections and routine maintenance should be top priorities to ensure your roof lasts as long as it can. But if you do see or experience any signs of wear or damage it’s important you call a local contractor to see if roof repair is necessary. Often small areas of wear or damages can turn into big headaches later when they start letting moisture in (resulting in rotting wood, mold and mildew).

Ignoring even what appears to be a little problem is NOT advised and could end up costing you ten times as much to remedy in the future.

With that in mind, let’s take a quick walk thru common causes of roof repair:

Most causes of roof repair are similar in nature. Let’s look at some of the most common issues we run into.

Missing or Blown off Shingles

Whether due to wind or other causes, missing shingles in part or in full can be a big problem. Shingles tend to be prone to peeling and lifting over time, with lighter weight materials being impacted more so than heavier duty types. Either way, this can leave underlayment exposed to the elements.

Faulty or Failing Pipe Flashing

Remember those vent pipes sticking out from your roof? Yeah those. Well, they sit UNDER the material of your roof, and as such are a common source for leaks. Typically well sealed, these pipes can be fine for years…until they aren’t. Over time sealant can crack, peel and become ineffective at keeping water out.

Chimney / Skylight Flashing

As with pipe flashing and sealant, these two items can become compromised over time in much the same way.


Valleys refer to the little gutters that run the length of interior angles on your roof. These areas are particularly prone to damages flashing, moss/algae/fungus build up and wear.

Ice Shields and Dams

Ice has a way of expanding and damaging even the most well placed protective barriers over time.

Inadequate roof pitches or slopes

Inadequate or improper pitching of your roof slope can result in prolonged exposure to moisture, ice patches and more that cause additional wear over time.

Locating the Problem

In some cases the problem area is blatantly apparent (missing shingles, large discoloration tc). But in other circumstances it’s impossible to notice with the naked eye…unless you are a trained professional that is.

Inspections aren’t free, but they are well worth the cost. Even if you think the area of leakage is obvious, a full roof inspection is well worth the small service fee to make sure there aren’t other areas that may give you problems later on.