Commercial Roofers

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Some roofing projects are too large for the average run-of-the-mill contractor, and might be beyond the scope of a traditional residential roofing services company. While a simple repair job might be easily handled by an individual contractor, excessive damages or complex roofing situations might be best inspected and serviced by a commercial roofing repair company.

Commercial roofing repair contractors offer not only a wide variety of equipment, but also professionals who are trained and have experience in larger projects. Experienced commercial roofing crews can efficiently and effectively complete work quickly while being respectful of your business, customers and operations.

Many of these contractors are even available during the winter season to immediately take action after any winter storm of hail storm that may have caused any damage to roofing, shingles or ice barriers.

Commercial roofing repairs vary in size and complexity depending on your unique situation. Our experts are highly trained at identifying and implementing solutions that are cost effective and tailored to making sure you get the most protection possible to combat the elements of each season.

Some Commercial Repair Options Include:

  • Restoration or patching
  • Preventative care and maintenance
  • Professional Inspections
  • Emergency repairs
  • Insurance paperwork / claims help
  • Green Roofing
  • New Construction
  • Architectural Sheet Metal
  •  And more…

We work with all sorts of roofing materials including asphalt, wood and metal tiles, flat roofs which would require EPDM synthetic rubber, and steeply pitched roofs needing extra caution and care.

Commonly Encountered Commercial Roofing Materials:

  • Single-ply EPDM Roof Systems
  • Carlisle FleeceBACK System
  • Architectural Metal Roof Systems
  • Stone Coated Metal Shingles & Tiles
  • Roof Coatings
  • TPO Membranes
  • PVC Membranes
  • Preventative Maintenance Programs

Safety Standards

When selecting a commercial roofing repair company, make sure they are OSHA certified and/or have safety programs in place to ensure not only the safety of their workers but of your staff and employees.

We work hard to ensure all our project sites are accident free and have specific processes in place to ensure your staff and customers barely even know we’re there. Focus and preparation combined with years of industry experience make our commercial roofing repair company a gold standard in Texas.

Warranties and Expertise

We proudly back our commercial roofing repair work with iron clad guarantees. Not only that, we use only the best materials from leading manufacturers.

Assistance with Insurance Claims

Need help with insurance?  Most damages claims involve a mountain of paperwork. And while your insurance agent is a great go-to for assistance, they will often need to co-ordinate with contractors in order to properly assess damages and give accurate representative quotes on the work needed to get your commercial roof back in tip top shape.

We go the extra mile, helping clients navigate insurance issues, offering photos when necessary, detailed and easy to understand written claims and assessments, and fair repair quotes to get the job done right the first time.

Closing Thoughts

Whether you’re replacing an existing roof, installing a new roof, or in need of emergency repairs, choosing the correct commercial roofing crew and materials for your building is critical. Commercial roofing systems are not a “one-size-fits-all” product and consulting with a contractor with the experience and expertise to help you make the right call can save you thousands.