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Texas Roofing Materials

Texas Roofing Materials If you’re a homeowner in the market for a new roof in Texas, there are a potentially alarming number of different roofing materials you can choose from (we humans are a creative bunch, that’s for certain). From low to high cost, asphalt, metal, to tile, there are a number of things to consider when purchasing a roof. In addition to needing to be weatherproof, durable, cost efficient, fire resistant, and weather resistant, Texas roofing material needs to take into special consideration heat. A variety of roofing materials and shapes are available if you are trying to beat the heat. Metal reflects, concrete and clay fight back by being resistant to heating up and S shapes increase air circulation to prevent heat buildup. Durable, Heat and Weather Resistant Materials Metal roofs Known for reflecting sunlight, making them potentially good choices for getting through the summer months. Expensive compared to asphalt and inexpensive [...]

February 14th, 2018|Roof Types|

Metal Roof vs Shingle Roof

Metal Roof vs Shingle Roof In the market for a new roof? Two types you will undoubtedly consider are metal and asphalt. Both options are relatively long lasting, the differences between them are in their unique characteristics and looks. Metal Roofs These roofs are a benefit in hot climates. Considering that they effectively reflect sunlight, a metal roof can save you on your cooling bill during hot summer months. Additionally, metal enjoys the benefit of being resistant to fire coming from outside the home, but have the drawback of also impeding a  fire from within the home and making it difficult for firefighters to reach the source of the fire. If you’re in a hurry, metal roofs can also be quickly installed relative to other roof types, (since they are about half the weight of an asphalt roof). A metal roof will likely last the age of your home. Keep in mind that metal [...]

February 14th, 2018|Roof Types|
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